Its a winter day. The weather is stormy. I am walking alone in a jungle. The trail is full of snow. I am going up hill. Snowfall starts. I am trying harder to reach my destination. Its nearly evening and I still have to walk 5 miles to reach the base camp. I have my backpack with a sleeping bag, some chocolates, water bottle, a jeans and shirt and an emergency light. Besides my backpack I have a small camp for one person. Its night now. I have switched on my emergency light. I am near my destination. Its hard to walk due to heavy snow. I tries hard and reach to the base camp. I am in my camp now and enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

After a long campaign, all countries are agreed to destroy all the weapons. People have started understanding the importance of peace and harmony. Everyone tolerates difference of opinion, understands cultural and customs diversity. Everyone respects each other. All countries are agreed to save the natural environment and they started plantation throughout their countries. The earth has recovered from pollution and  environmental issues. The world is now more greener then ever before. The world most difficult problems has been solved. The poverty has been ended. People are enjoying healthy lives. Crime rate has been declined to nearly zero. Everyone is well educated. The society has been grown to a level to give respect to everything including human, environment and other natural resources.


Story of little success

This is story of my own experience. A few month earlier, I started thinking about my weight. I was approaching 100kg which was alarming for me with height of 5 feet and 7 inches. I calculated my BMI. It was in obesity range. Then I thought for a while. I took a step. I went to my department manager who has also good experience of body building and planning dieting. He just said, I can’t reduce my weight but he told me a diet plan. I have to survive only on boiled chicken and start daily exercise. I started doing workout for 30 minutes on daily basis. I also changed my diet plan. I took high protein, low fats and low carbs diet. It took me only 2 months to reduce 15 kg weight. I followed following diet plan.


Breakfast: 1 brown bread, 2 boiled eggs without egg Yolk.

Lunch: 1/4 chicken piece boiled + fresh salad including carrot and Cucumber.

Dinner: 1/4 chicken piece boiled + fresh salad including carrot and Cucumber. 2 cup of Tea without sugar.

Exercise: 2km Walk, 10km Cycling, 15 push ups

By following this you can loose up to 20 pounds in 1st Month. You can start exercise by just walking on treadmill later on you can increase distance/speed.

Good Programming Habits

1. Understand Your Requirements.

The first and most important thing is to understand the requirements because we surely don’t want to end up with just a waste of time.

2. Get Demonstrable system working as early as you can.

This means build your interface at first step and show it to your customer so that he can excercise the UI and can point out short commings as soon as possible.

3. Once you have done something show it to people to play with it.

You should deliver often. This will help to figure out real world issues. 

4. Keep it Real

You should always keep your system closer to actual deliverables because you don’t know when you may asked for a demo and even if you may asked for deliver the system this is the time to wrap up things.

5. User Real Data

Try to always test with real data. Don’t just test your software with sample data. This will minimize the chances of breaking your application when delivered to the clients.

6. Code with style

Always cod3e with style and passion. The coding is just like poetry 🙂 


The Cloud

The word ‘Cloud’ is frequently used now a days. So What actually cloud is? If we try to give very simply description of cloud then the cloud is a way to store your data outside your computer.  Like we can use microsoft sky drive or google drive for storing our files to internet. Many companies preffer cloud base services instead of purchasing their own storage equipment.

There are  two main services provided by Cloud:

1. IAAS (Infrastructure as a service).

2. SAAS( Software as a service).

So IAAS provides computing resources including memory, Storage, CPU, Networks, Firewall etc.  SAAS provides software resources without need to purchase licences.

There are many uses of cloud. It can be used for storing large amount of data. It can also be used for analysis of data where we can not affoard huge computing power or cluster of computers.

The Painfull Life


An old man walking on the road with some empty bottles in a bag. It is evening. The sun is going to set. The weather is cloudy and it is raining. It is the start of early summer. He has not eaten anything since last night. He has just drunk water and he passed the whole day. Now he is feeling weakness in his body. He is over 50 years old. This is a recreational place of the most expensive city of the country. People are enjoying and wandering with their beloved ones. He felt he can not walk any more . He sat down with the side of the road and suddenly he started vomiting.

This is not just the imagination. This is a bitter reality which happens everyday for many times. We are living in the most developed world ever. We are going to spend billions on dollars in space research. We are spending a lot of money in purchasing and developing weapons of mass destruction. Even 1 dollar can fulfill his need. Only one dollar but no one cares. People just passes away from him without getting him into notice. Their are so many organizations spending millions of dollars every year on animal rights and animals protection while the humans are dieing with hunger. No organization can eliminate poverty from the world but common man. If i start caring my surrounding  we can change the world. We just need to care a single person every day.

Breaking up a relationship


How does it feel when you live with someone for a long period of time and then you decide a breakup?  Well, it is a difficult situation for someone to face. When we live with someone it is rather impossible to avoid conflict because where there are two person there is a conflict. So we can not avoid conflicts in the life. Then what is the solution? Is it possible to live with a person with all conflicts? And more importantly is it possible to live happily with someone having conflicts at the same time? Coming to the first question. Let us try to find out the solution of this basic problem. Before answering the question one thing should be pretty much clear that we can not avoid or eliminate all conflicts in our whole life. Now the first thing which matters is what the actual conflict is? It rises further question how much it is important to give importance to the conflict? It always depends upon the nature of the conflict. For example while living with your life partner there may be the conflict of choices. I like blue but the other partner may like purple. This kind of conflict can be simply compromised and we should not insist or force the other person’s choice.The other more important kind of conflict may be the conflict while making a decision about a particular situation. Your partner may be thinking the situation in a different way. This kind of situation can be handled by having strong logical arguments but still you need to compromise as well.

Another very important aspect which we always miss out is that we must understand the fundamental difference between  men and women’s way of thinking.  This is the fact that women think about a situation in different way than men. So we should not ignore this fundamental difference while talking to our life partner and we should give importance to his or her point of view.

The life is begging

The human life is begging. The difference between poor and rich is widening. We are saying the world is getting more developed. We are inventing new technologies on the daily basis but look at the other side of the picture. The life is getting worst and worst. People are dying due to hunger. The burden of responsibility is increasing. The overall mental tension is going higher and higher. we should stop and think. Where we are going? What is our destination? Are we going to destroy this world? What does prosperity means? Are we ignoring basic human needs? Why we are unable to ensure food for everyone till now? Humanity has traveled a long way but still we are far away from destination and even we are widening this distance. Are we moving opposite to prosperity? The world is a global village but my neighbor is just an alien for me? We still did not learn how to live in a society? Are we still living in the cave age? Shamefully saying the children are being rapped. The people are dying with the hunger. Still people are fighting on the basis of color, race and religion. The condition of humanity is getting worst and worst. The condition is getting worst and worst but we are still living on this planet.